Ayurvedic Products Online

Enjoy Numerous Benefits When You Buy Ayurvedic Products Online

At SATTVIC, we like to share the wonders of alternative ways to approach health and well-being with easy access to Ayurvedic products online. From its roots in the Indian world of healing, we bring you bountiful benefits through our Ayurvedic products online shopping experience.

Benefits of Our Ayurvedic Store Online

Practising Ayurveda is more than taking a pill to bring an instant solution to a concern. It is changing your lifestyle to reap numerous health and beauty benefits. These benefits can vary depending on what you want to achieve.

  • Achieving your optimal weight is often the reason for increased interest in this age-old practice. Ayurveda has helped many over the years not only to get rid of unhealthy excess weight but also to keep the scale at the ideal position. A detoxing process using various dietary restrictions supports the weight loss process.
  • When you switch over to an Ayurvedic lifestyle, the starting point is often to determine what your dosha type is as it will influence what you eat in future. It will determine how you’ll maintain the strength and health of your digestive system by giving it what it requires. Through a healthy digestive system, you can reduce the inflammation in your body which in turn prevents several other ailments from manifesting in your life at a later stage.
  • An Ayurvedic lifestyle can aid in reducing or preventing various ailments, including clogging of your arteries due to high cholesterol. It means you can lower your blood pressure to healthy levels. It also shows possible contributions to the improvement of other cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Our Ayurvedic Health Store

Some items in our product range of alternative solutions to modern medicine are locally sourced in Australia. Others we import from sources which we trust to be knowledgeable about this Indian tradition. It is how we can ensure you will only get items of the highest and purest quality.

  • Over the past four years, our focus has been on delivering excellence. The core of our business is the commitment to sourcing our goods and services from only the most reputable suppliers and providers in the industry. Thus, our product range delivers health solutions which are certified organic. Our products are free of pesticides, GMO’s, chemicals, and irradiation.
  • We believe in sustainability, and that’s why we support suppliers who share our sentiment. Our suppliers have earned their recognition in the world of natural products as supporters of sustainability and their commitment to fair trade.
  • Any item in our online store has to pass intense testing procedures. These procedures will confirm that products are entirely free from any microbiological and heavy metal contamination.

Quality is always our concern as your partner on the journey to alternative solutions to health and well-being.


We believe in delivering only quality solutions and alternative ways of taking care of your health and well-being. Sattvic Goods and Service is the realisation of our dream to provide natural, herbal, and organic health and Ayurvedic solutions across New Zealand and Australia.

You too, can start your journey to healthy living by contacting us and exploring alternative solutions.