Organic Moisturiser

Everything You Need to Know About Natural and Organic Moisturiser

It is never too late to change your skincare routine and switch to using an organic moisturiser. The benefits of natural skincare products can outweigh the cost of gradually moving to a new brand. These advantages include improving the look and feel of your skin, ensuring toxic chemicals are not absorbed through your dermis and using eco-friendly products. At Sattvic Health Store, we provide a range of organic skincare products such as a natural hand cream, face-, body oil and more so that you can select the right solution for your needs. We source our selection of products from globally recognised and distinguished manufacturers where the certified organic and chemical-free skincare is extensively tested to meet our high standards.

Benefits of Natural Face Cream

There are numerous benefits to using natural products to nourish and moisturise your skin, such as:

  • There is no skin irritation: Natural skincare products are gentle on the body as they contain no harsh chemicals, such as artificial fragrance, which can cause skin irritation. If you regularly break out with skin allergies such as rashes or acne, organic and natural moisturisers can help to reduce these reactions. With no added chemicals in natural moisturisers, you also avoid having your skin absorb any unwanted ingredients into your body which may have a toxic effect.
  • You can see long term results: When you eliminate chemicals and toxins from your daily care routine, your skin can begin responding to the nutrients you’re applying without fighting against any counteractive ingredients. Some conventional moisturisers are known to contain unnecessary fillers or sulphates which can dry out your skin. You can be sure that your natural skin care products will provide your dermis with only helpful ingredients that will nourish, hydrate, and moisturise. Quality natural skincare products can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scarring and hyperpigmentation by helping to restore damaged cells.
  • They are eco-friendly: You can be confident that you are doing your part to protect the environment with the use of natural products as the ingredients are sourced naturally and organically. This benefit means that fewer chemicals make their way into the air and water compared to products made with a large number of unnatural substances.

Tips Regarding Organic Face Cream

Consider our tips for selecting organic skincare products.

  • Avoid unnecessary fragrances: While the ingredients in the organic moisturiser may be natural and gentle on skin, you don’t want any unnecessary fragrances in the product to cause a reaction. Avoid face creams that have any artificial perfumes in it to make the lotion smell nice and be sure to know if you are sensitive to any essential oils. Although essential oils are considered natural, they may contain bioactive compounds that can elicit an allergic reaction.
  • Learn about preservatives: There is a wide range of natural and synthetic preservatives that can be used to extend the shelf life of products. Do your research and be sure to know which ones to avoid such as parabens which can act as endocrine disruptors by mimicking hormones.
  • Introduce one new natural skincare product at a time: Natural products are better for your skin than conventional creams, yet some people can be sensitive to certain ingredients. Therefore, ensure that you incorporate new products into your skincare routine one at a time to be sure that your skin reacts well. This way, you will know what moisturisers you can use and which ones to avoid.

Common Mistakes People Make with Natural Moisturiser

To get the most value out of your natural cream, avoid these common mistakes.

  • Using too much product: When you use a good quality moisturiser, you will only need to apply a small amount. A little will go a long way, and you will get more uses out of one tube when you’re careful about how much you use. Another reason to be sure you don’t over-moisturise in one sitting is that it can lead to skin issues such as clogged pores and blackheads. Follow the recommended instructions for the product you are using.
  • Not moisturising enough: To get consistent results and ensure your skin receives the nutrients it needs; you should apply your natural moisturiser daily. Rather than applying lots of skincare lotion sporadically when you remember, get into the daily habit of revitalising your skin with a natural moisturiser to prevent dryness or breakouts.
  • Applying at the wrong time: Applying lotion when your skin feels dry may seem to be the ideal time to use your cream; however, you are missing out on the full benefits of the product. The perfect time for moisturising is immediately after you have cleansed your skin, such as after a shower. By preparing your skin and leaving it a little damp will improve the absorbance of the product into the dermis

What Sets Sattvic Health Store Apart Regarding Ayurvedic Skin Care Products Online


We provide excellent customer service that includes:

  • A wide range of skincare products: We provide a large selection of skincare products such as anti-wrinkle face cream, daily moisturiser, oils, hand lotion and organic foot cream that can nourish and hydrate your body. You can source quality products and find the most suitable moisturiser for your skin type from our various products.
  • Gentle cleansing soaps: You can prepare your skin with a mild and nourishing soap such as our Auromere Ayurvedic bar and get it ready for moisturising. Our range of soaps is formulated with rich natural ingredients and extracts that can soothe dry and sensitive skin. You can use these soaps on your entire body, and they are even gentle enough to use on your face.
  • Supportive health supplements: We enable you to get everything you need in one convenient location. Our range of herbal teas, supplement powders and tablets can provide you with additional healthy skin support by flushing toxins from your body and reducing inflammation

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We provide an exceptional range of certified organic, sustainably sourced and fair-trade health products that support the long-standing tradition of Ayurvedic practices. We commit to supplying you with quality herbal supplements, a natural foot cream, organic hand lotions and various other beneficial health products. Each organic hand cream, face moisturiser and lotion is extensively tested to meet the highest quality assurance and ensure it is free of harsh chemicals and microbiological contamination. We deliver Australia and New Zealand-wide using reputable postage services so you can get your product sent to directly to your door. Contact us today and reap the benefits of using natural skincare products.